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Where Do Buyers Come From

Whether they’re first time buyers, move-uppers, down-scalers, transferees or investors, research shows that the buyers of real estate are introduced to property by various means and methods. A a sales professional, it makes sense to study these statistics for the benefit of our buyers and sellers. Here is some more valuable information:

• 1% bought an open house they saw.

• 3% bought for a combination of reasons.

• 3% bought property they saw advertised.

• 7% were referred by a relocation service.

• 8% responded to an open house but bought a different home.

• 18% responded to an ad but bought a different home.

• 20% bought because of the For Sale sign.

• 40% bought as a result of working with a Realtor

Everyone knows someone who bought the first open house they walked into and some can say they found the property they bought by scouring the advertisements daily. However, the above statistics seem to reveal that most buyers bought what they did because they were working with a professional Realtor who knew the inventory.

What this means is, if you are thinking of buying or selling real estate, be sure to work with an agent who knows the inventory and keep that Realtor up-to-date with anything you see that may interest you.


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