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There are some situations where a rental property owner or landlord may be best advised not to be "hands-on", but instead turn the problem over to a professional or professional service. A great example of this is when a tenant must be evicted for legitimate cause, and when that tenant makes it clear that they intend to ignore notice to move. I am often asked for advice or help in these matters - usually by a client who is very frustrated, worried, and unsure how to act. In recent years, I have...

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It’s book report time! In addition to stuffing my face, I have put the holidays to good use by catching up on my reading, so here is a book that any investor of any kind of investment should consider a “must read”!

It’s called “The Warren Buffett Way - Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor”, written by Robert Hagstrom Jr. and published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. For those who aren’t familiar with Warren Buffett, he is probably the...

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