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One of the most common questions I am asked by someone considering buying an investment property is “What will happen to my investment if I have a fire?” If the place is completely destroyed, any decent fire insurance policy will probably protect the owner. In the event of a partial loss however, an important and often overlooked coverage may not be on the policy. In a city like Vancouver, or any city where the housing stock is older, Building Bylaws Insurance Coverage is a smart investment....

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unabasehed regard and admiration for the famous U.S. investor, Warren Buffett. I have just read and re-read another great book about Warren titled “Buffetology”. Written by Mary Buffett his (ex) daughter-in-law and David Clark, a long time friend of the Buffett family. This book is designed to teach Buffett’s system for picking successful investments. The reader is taken through the qualitative analysis and then the (relatively) simple quantitative analysis Buffett uses to determine...

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